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From Flaps to Wings

A Happy EndingLadies! – Time to laugh and take off. Gents! A journey of understanding the ‘mature female eager to take those flaps off their underarms’ phenomenon. FreeDefy Gravity Now‘ tickets to any woman answering ‘yes’ to the following questions …

1. Are your no longer firm biceps slipping ‘down under’?
2. Is your choice of going-out garments restricted to those with ‘a nice little cover-up sleeve’?
3. Is your mental composure severely compromised at the sight of your anatomy as you engage in a deep, forward bend?

Having come across the above questions myself three years ago and answering a resounding “yes” to them all, I had to do something about it – (tickets weren’t available at that point). I began eating Plant Strong – (plus checkout this beaut Plant Strong Facebook page). I liked this way of eating but, better still, it loved me. I’m now 13 kgs lighter and bursting with energy; so I recently joined the gym.  I love that too, and signed up for the long haul body-sculpting bit.

However, something more than my gym routine was needed; some extra factor to see my stubbornly sagging biceps tone to actual lift off point.  I tried everything and nothing worked. After much research,  I put two unique formulas together. They’re good. I’ve done the trials, tested the formulas and am now about to do the hard sell – except that these formulas are free.  Here’s the pitch … (it’s full of capital letters, so it must be important …)

Are you a Mature Woman? Then Enhance your exercise regime with Two, Boomer-Amazing Supplements: GRAVITY, (the anti-gravitational supplement), and DNA, (the empathetic, mothering-hormone supplement). Stop flapping about and start to Fly!!! …  Simply click the links, in blue below, or see me on stage to turn your Flaps into Wings!

No money back warranty on the links since you haven’t given me any dosh in the first place, but … Guaranteed Fun! Come fly with me, and sign up all your friends! Here are your tickets …



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Paws, Womenopause & Men-o-pause

It’s Women’s Day, evidently. So BoomerAgeBaby Boomer Girl penned a new song to celebrate the ‘don’t mention it’ aspect of being a woman at the esteemed ‘mature & wise’ stage of life.  What do you think of this masterpiece? You are welcome to comment whether you are mature & wise … or not.

By the way, can you keep up with all these ‘days?’ Was your local park also humming yesterday celebrating Children’s Day? You’re also celebrating the current “International Year of Quinoa?” Is ‘Men’s Day” coming up soon?  I’m trying to keep up with the days as I love life, like kids, and  quinoa is complete protein, and it’s quite tasty.  But Women’s Day has got to be a biggie – something to celebrate – whether you are one or you love one – or whether you’ve got the right day in the calendar year or not.
Here’s the song … enjoy! :)

© 2013 Radha Sahar

Women, they say, are like a book
Hard to read but it’s easy to look
They might dress up in leopard skin tights
They’re animal types
When they set their sights on you

They’re either apples, bananas or pears
But I say women are cuddly bears
They might dress down for household chores
But love’s in store
When they wrap their paws around you

Now it’s time to pause, babe
For more than a cup of tea
Time to pause, babe and
Wrap your paws, your pretty paws around me

Women are beautiful at every age
Even at the ‘don’t mention it’ stage
Womenopause – makes them wise
They realise that menopause is for guys

Women turn up with plates of food
Often in a playful mood, wild
Cats or quiet birds in the nest
You are blessed
Coz they give their best to you

Time to pause, babe
For more than a cup of tea
Time to pause, babe and
Wrap your paws, your pretty paws around me

Paws – lyrics for you to download free


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Free Food Again!

Free Food ImageTwo and a half years have passed and you’re wondering if Baby Boomer Girl is still eating Plant Strong Free Food? Yep – for sure. After all, who wants to pay?  (well … after you’ve raided the garden you have to pay for a few ingredients). We’re working on a cookbook too – great fun! But good free food recipes take a few years longer to test than free song lyrics.

After a special Common Sense Organics version of this song, the original one resurfaced. You might enjoy revisiting it too, since blog posts quickly slide down then off the page into those neglected side menus.

You like food? You’re a free thinker? Then please share your ‘free food’ thoughts and experiences by clicking ‘Comments’ – there is nothing like a comment or two to inspire more blog posts.  Ta!

Now, Ta  Da! – here is the song …

Free Food
© 2013 Radha Sahar

When we were kids we ate white toast
Butter pudding, Sunday roast
Fatty doughnuts, and greasy pies
Plastic cheese and burgers with fries

Sugar, fizz, and cakes galore
Any empty calorie we could score
Life was sweet. I said “It seems to me
Everything rocks – and the food is free!”

It might be ‘free’, but you sure gotta pay
You get the blues no matter which way
Or you can look at it differently, like
Everything rocks and the food is free!
The food is free

There’s meat free, dairy free, no sugar for me
Egg free, gluten free, no fat, or GE
Pesticide and spray free, cruelty free
Soon there’ll be nothin’ left, you’ll see!

It might be free but you sure gotta pay …

Now our toast is wholegrain
Fruit & vege fresh and plain
Grow our own we got surplus to trade
All costs nothin’ ‘til the tax dudes say

It might be ‘free’, but you sure gotta pay
You get the blues no matter which way
Or you can look at it differently, like
Everything rocks and the food is free!
The food is free

Free Food Again Download lyrics (for free of course!)

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New Beginnings

Quotes! The world is full of them. Facebook, Twitter, your email inbox, probably chokka … sometimes it’s all a bit tooooo inspiring! And too inspiring can easily turn ho-hum.

But once or twice in a lifetime there’s something so powerful about a quote it stops you in your tracks. The words turn in your mind for days, even weeks …  pertinent to your life. Arriving at a perfect juncture. A gift  –  from someone you’re unlikely to ever meet.

A quote of that significance must surely inspire us all to something!  Here’s the one that did it for me …

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning. But anyone can start today and make a new ending’ – Maria Robinson.

Maria! There will be people creating new endings all over the place! Who knows what will happen? A new ending is opening up for Baby Boomer Girl already! A new home in a new town. Fantastic soil to grow organic veges in. New friends to make. New songs to write and musos to jam with… A life-changing, happy ending.

Has that ‘life-changing quote’ phenomenon happened to you? If so, everyone would love to hear about it – and yes, include the quote! :)
Meanwhile, enjoy the song …

A Happy Ending
(c) 2012 Radha Sahar

Maria wrote a quote on the wall in a small café
Says, ‘You can’t go back and make a new beginning
But anyone can start today – and make a new ending’

Charlie and me stare at each other and say

Here we are. Here and now
And everything falls into place somehow
Lucky star or trembling ground
Our story’s starting a happy ending now

Thanks Maria for sayin’ those words, putting them out there for free
We never met you, but you changed our lives – permanently
Now lotsa happy endings happen reminding Charlie and me

Here we are. Here and now …

A song cranks up on the rusty duke box. We begin to dance
“Ooo”…   they’re singin’ …  “Always another chance
We cruise outside and breathe the fresh air, doing Maria proud
A sign on the wall reads ‘I’m a sign on the wall’ and we laugh out loud

Don’t quote me – did Maria also say we all suffer in life? And that
If we accept it, let it go, we’re free to move on and smile
Whoever said it, Charlie and me now get it, and we decide

Here we are. Here and now
And everything falls into place somehow
Lucky star or trembling ground
Gonna live happily ever after, bliss or blues, tears or laughter
And this song’s starting a happy ending now -
5,   4,   3,   2,   1,    The End!

A Happy Ending – Free Download Lyrics

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Leonard Cohen & Cohencidences …

It just goes to show: when you pen the lyrical depths of the soul like no one else can, take a single instrument into the studio and sing your aching soul bare, no matter how many decades old you are, you’re god. Half the country is lined up to worship your album  – and it’s not even released!  That’s a Cohencidence.

Now don’t get a Cohencidence confused with an ordinary synchronicity. It’s much more than that! When Leonard writes, when Leonard sings, and you happen to hear him, that’s a Cohencidence: an incident of note; a precedence with a life-lasting consequence … Already I’ve run out of words, and that’s something for a Gemini!

How Cohencidently my man and I were affected hearing a track from Leonard’s new album, Old Ideas, on National Radio! We’re off to buy it – the physical CD too. We want to turn the jewel case inside out, read every credit and lyric, hold it in our hands … Most of all we want to listen … to bask …

And we want to hear about your Cohencidences … Did you go to the concert? Have you seen the London DVD? Have you recovered yet? – (since a Cohencidence is something one usually doesn’t recover from – one’s soul is left threadbare in places) … What are your most Cohencidental tracks? Any chance Baby Boomer Girl could get a spot at his next show, ya’ reckon? (since she almost qualifies, decade-wise :)


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Yummy Food Avatar Style and Losing Weight!

Free Food ImageApologies for the looooooooong silence: it has taken me a year to find out how to really attain a ‘Body Like an Avatar Alien’. (see x2 past posts on this all-engrossing topic :) ). I’m well on the way now, having discovered the secret I’d been searching for this past 12 months. It was right in front of my eyes: Plants! Plant-based Wholefood nutrition is the key. I’ve shed 8 kilos without trying, and I’m singing like a million dollars. When I’m down another 3 or 4, I’ll post a skite pic and a new song to go with it …

Meanwhile,  let’s journey back to Pandora, and see exactly how those Navi Aliens maintain perfect health and their slim, blue waists.

What is Plant-based Wholefood Nutrition?
It is eating a balanced diet of plants and unprocessed, plant-based foods: that’s all they eat there on Pandora. And it’s what our human ancestors ate way back in our primate days.

Meeting up with all those gorgeous Aliens munching vegetation, I asked them “You’re not Vegan are you?”
They told me that, in common with vegans on Planet Earth, they don’t eat animal foods. Like vegans they eat plant foods. But they are horrified at what can constitute ‘plant foods’ here on Earth: highly processed foods such as white flour, sugar and oil. The Navi won’t touch those, as they are not whole foods.  Like vegans they have compassion for animals and so don’t eat them. But the Navi Plant-based heritage is centred primarily on health.

Why don’t they eat Oils?
The Navi tell me that ‘healthy oils’ are the oils inherent in whole foods themselves. There is no need to eat that refined oil stuff we have on Earth: it is far healthier to not eat it. While oil is essential to their health, all the oil they need can be adequately sourced from plants – even the omegas. That goes for we humans too, they said.

Do the Aliens only eat Raw Foods?
So far they seemed to have no particular emphasis on raw, though they eat lots of it!  But they eat cooked too.  They told me that this enables them to get more balanced nutrition, and better protein levels. The foods they cook are mainly those either not healthy or not easy to eat raw – e.g. potatoes, soy, dhal & beans, grains (yes, they love those foods up there on Pandora too!). Together with greens, these provide the Navi with complete protein, and billions of micro nutrients. They prefer including legumes & grains to the high intake of nuts & seeds, dried fruit and rare superfoods needed in a dedicated raw food regime.

Did this Way of Eating Originate on Planet Pandora?
It did. but it also did on Planet Earth at the same time – amazing eh!  With their extra-terrestrial powers, the Navi have been able to watch us down here on planet Earth. They were happy that plant-based wholefood nutrition formed the predominant content of the human diet for millennia. They knew that peoples such as the Inuit, the Tibetans, and others in cold climates evolved to eat animals; – they had no other choice – not many plants grew there!). Humans have always eaten some form of animal food, which would’ve been necessary to get Vit B12. But aside from the wealthy elite, they ate much smaller quantities than we do today. The Navi are so evolved they even synthesize their own B12 – they reckon we’ll evolve to that too!

Well, thanks guys! I’m sold. I’ve been vegetarian for forty years, all the time struggling somewhat with my weight. Hey – I wasn’t gross, but I did need to get into that good BMI level. The secret for me was taking those extra few steps – cutting out animal foods, oil, sugar and processed food. I have never felt better!  Charles & I will be giving a presentation on it on Tuesday (23rd Aug), via the Transition Town movement. Venue: Alicetown Community Centre, Victoria St, Lower Hutt. Time: 7.30pm. Gold coin donation on the door.
Meanwhile , the following  ‘Earthly’ credits are due …

The contemporary plant-based whole-food movement, where no animal protein is eaten, grew from research done by several American nutritionists, doctors and scientists. At the core are Dr T Colin Campbell, (Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry & Nutrition, Cornell University), Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, (heart surgeon, Cleveland Clinic), Drs Dean Ornish & John McDougall, John Robbins. (see the bios in the last section of the Presentation Folder).  Find out more on the T Colin Campbell Foundation website.


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Why Trendy People Wear Black


The reason is clear in Baby Boomer Girl’s latest Gothic-rock number – (yes, the pic is me in costume, about to grab my guitar and rage it out with the band).  Black lyrics, below, touch the essence of the black trend.

And you? You just bought a classy new frock, trou, jacket, shirt or boots? Something you know you’re going to look and feel good in? I bet that something is black …

Unless you follow the dictate that white, pastels or specific hues are the only colours ‘spiritual’ people wear, you’re likely to be one of the trendy people who wear black. Black has so much status, and has maintained that status over so many years, it can’t be ousted no matter how much marketers try and hoist their latest fad up onto the pedestal declaring desperately ‘(Such-&-such) is the new black‘. It just never is!

This is such a serious topic I hope you’ll have your say.  Do you ‘wear the uniform?’ Being such a hot, sweaty colour, is black cool? What percentage of your wardrobe is black? Do you think Baby Boomer Girl looks good in a black wig? Readers look forward to your comments on the social phenomenon that is Black …


© Radha Sahar 2010

Black as jet, black as night
Colour’s wrong, black is right
Black magic at witching hour
Black has balls. Black has power
Gothic girl, Dracula drools
Vampire black, very cool
A Mahler Symphony, a bouncer, a waiter
Not in black? Then see ya later

We buck the system, refuse to conform
But we choose to wear the uniform
A sea of people on the street
Black from their heads
To their burdened urban feet

Black – gives strength to your hair
Black – makes your stomach disappear
Black –  you look thin as a twig!
Black – makes your eyes look big
Black – makes you graduate prouder
Black –  makes your stereo louder
Black – it’s bold and testy
Black – makes your underwear sexy! Black

I bet ya you have never seen
Johnny Cash or Iggy Pop in pink or green
Black leather boots. Black spinning vinyl
Black undertaker – Black is final
Top to toe in formals and burkas
Artists, designers and office workers
Wear that black – it’s a guarantee
That you’ll be taken seriously

Black – makes your limo longer
Black – singlets make you stronger
Black – makes your hard drive harder
Black – prunes make you regular
Black –  makes your tyres turn quicker
Black – makes your Guinness thicker
Black – makes your banker grin, and
Black – makes the All Blacks win!
Black!   Beautiful black!  Glorious black!
Victorious black!

Download the Lyric-Sheet,  Black


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