Thank Goodness for Friends

Chandan Jutta Yana & Rubys Hairdo SM “My goodness! ” you exclaim. And well you can, being full of it. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy it.

“Thank goodness!” I exclaim. That must mean I’m thanking you … (being the embodiment of goodness itself). I am.

It follows that you have many good friends. And you’ll need a song to thank them all.  There are so many good people out there to thank, and everyone needs a song now and then. You can thank me for writing this one if you like … remember, it’s for you! Thank you all.

Warm Hearted Friends
©2013  Radha Sahar

Sometimes I shiver on a cold winter’s day
But, friends, when you’re around I never feel that way
Barely need the heater, forget to light the fire
You radiate so much love!

It’s cosy and warm because of you
So much warmth in the little things you do
So much kindness! I find it’s true
The sweetness in happiness depends
On having warm hearted friends like you
Such warm hearted friends

You make the world a better place. I wanna do that too
To shine a light together – a little spark or two
Along with you I wanna do some good – is that naive?
You keep me believing that I can

It’s cosy and warm because of you …

Look around the room – we’re only here for a while
Time enough to give someone a hug or a smile
Time enough to thank someone
For the little things they do
That is why I‘m here thanking you

It’s cosy and warm

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4 responses to “Thank Goodness for Friends

  1. Sweet! Looking forward to hearing it – let me know if you’re coming down again.

  2. Ara Swanney

    Lovely to see my friends in your friends photo :-)

  3. Great to read this one! And the photo too.

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