Thank Goodness for Friends

Chandan Jutta Yana & Rubys Hairdo SM “My goodness! ” you exclaim. And well you can, being full of it. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy it.

“Thank goodness!” I exclaim. That must mean I’m thanking you … (being the embodiment of goodness itself). I am.

It follows that you have many good friends. And you’ll need a song to thank them all.  There are so many good people out there to thank, and everyone needs a song now and then. You can thank me for writing this one if you like … remember, it’s for you! Thank you all.

Warm Hearted Friends
©2013  Radha Sahar

Sometimes I shiver on a cold winter’s day
But, friends, when you’re around I never feel that way
Barely need the heater, forget to light the fire
You radiate so much love!

It’s cosy and warm because of you
So much warmth in the little things you do
So much kindness! I find it’s true
The sweetness in happiness depends
On having warm hearted friends like you
Such warm hearted friends

You make the world a better place. I wanna do that too
To shine a light together – a little spark or two
Along with you I wanna do some good – is that naive?
You keep me believing that I can

It’s cosy and warm because of you …

Look around the room – we’re only here for a while
Time enough to give someone a hug or a smile
Time enough to thank someone
For the little things they do
That is why I‘m here thanking you

It’s cosy and warm


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From Flaps to Wings

A Happy EndingLadies! – Time to laugh and take off. Gents! A journey of understanding the ‘mature female eager to take those flaps off their underarms’ phenomenon. FreeDefy Gravity Now‘ tickets to any woman answering ‘yes’ to the following questions …

1. Are your no longer firm biceps slipping ‘down under’?
2. Is your choice of going-out garments restricted to those with ‘a nice little cover-up sleeve’?
3. Is your mental composure severely compromised at the sight of your anatomy as you engage in a deep, forward bend?

Having come across the above questions myself three years ago and answering a resounding “yes” to them all, I had to do something about it – (tickets weren’t available at that point). I began eating Plant Strong – (plus checkout this beaut Plant Strong Facebook page). I liked this way of eating but, better still, it loved me. I’m now 13 kgs lighter and bursting with energy; so I recently joined the gym.  I love that too, and signed up for the long haul body-sculpting bit.

However, something more than my gym routine was needed; some extra factor to see my stubbornly sagging biceps tone to actual lift off point.  I tried everything and nothing worked. After much research,  I put two unique formulas together. They’re good. I’ve done the trials, tested the formulas and am now about to do the hard sell – except that these formulas are free.  Here’s the pitch … (it’s full of capital letters, so it must be important …)

Are you a Mature Woman? Then Enhance your exercise regime with Two, Boomer-Amazing Supplements: GRAVITY, (the anti-gravitational supplement), and DNA, (the empathetic, mothering-hormone supplement). Stop flapping about and start to Fly!!! …  Simply click the links, in blue below, or see me on stage to turn your Flaps into Wings!

No money back warranty on the links since you haven’t given me any dosh in the first place, but … Guaranteed Fun! Come fly with me, and sign up all your friends! Here are your tickets …



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Paws, Womenopause & Men-o-pause

It’s Women’s Day, evidently. So BoomerAgeBaby Boomer Girl penned a new song to celebrate the ‘don’t mention it’ aspect of being a woman at the esteemed ‘mature & wise’ stage of life.  What do you think of this masterpiece? You are welcome to comment whether you are mature & wise … or not.

By the way, can you keep up with all these ‘days?’ Was your local park also humming yesterday celebrating Children’s Day? You’re also celebrating the current “International Year of Quinoa?” Is ‘Men’s Day” coming up soon?  I’m trying to keep up with the days as I love life, like kids, and  quinoa is complete protein, and it’s quite tasty.  But Women’s Day has got to be a biggie – something to celebrate – whether you are one or you love one – or whether you’ve got the right day in the calendar year or not.
Here’s the song … enjoy! :)

© 2013 Radha Sahar

Women, they say, are like a book
Hard to read but it’s easy to look
They might dress up in leopard skin tights
They’re animal types
When they set their sights on you

They’re either apples, bananas or pears
But I say women are cuddly bears
They might dress down for household chores
But love’s in store
When they wrap their paws around you

Now it’s time to pause, babe
For more than a cup of tea
Time to pause, babe and
Wrap your paws, your pretty paws around me

Women are beautiful at every age
Even at the ‘don’t mention it’ stage
Womenopause – makes them wise
They realise that menopause is for guys

Women turn up with plates of food
Often in a playful mood, wild
Cats or quiet birds in the nest
You are blessed
Coz they give their best to you

Time to pause, babe
For more than a cup of tea
Time to pause, babe and
Wrap your paws, your pretty paws around me

Paws - lyrics for you to download free


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Free Food Again!

Free Food ImageTwo and a half years have passed and you’re wondering if Baby Boomer Girl is still eating Plant Strong Free Food? Yep – for sure. After all, who wants to pay?  (well … after you’ve raided the garden you have to pay for a few ingredients). We’re working on a cookbook too – great fun! But good free food recipes take a few years longer to test than free song lyrics.

After a special Common Sense Organics version of this song, the original one resurfaced. You might enjoy revisiting it too, since blog posts quickly slide down then off the page into those neglected side menus.

You like food? You’re a free thinker? Then please share your ‘free food’ thoughts and experiences by clicking ‘Comments’ – there is nothing like a comment or two to inspire more blog posts.  Ta!

Now, Ta  Da! – here is the song …

Free Food
© 2013 Radha Sahar

When we were kids we ate white toast
Butter pudding, Sunday roast
Fatty doughnuts, and greasy pies
Plastic cheese and burgers with fries

Sugar, fizz, and cakes galore
Any empty calorie we could score
Life was sweet. I said “It seems to me
Everything rocks – and the food is free!”

It might be ‘free’, but you sure gotta pay
You get the blues no matter which way
Or you can look at it differently, like
Everything rocks and the food is free!
The food is free

There’s meat free, dairy free, no sugar for me
Egg free, gluten free, no fat, or GE
Pesticide and spray free, cruelty free
Soon there’ll be nothin’ left, you’ll see!

It might be free but you sure gotta pay …

Now our toast is wholegrain
Fruit & vege fresh and plain
Grow our own we got surplus to trade
All costs nothin’ ‘til the tax dudes say

It might be ‘free’, but you sure gotta pay
You get the blues no matter which way
Or you can look at it differently, like
Everything rocks and the food is free!
The food is free

Free Food Again Download lyrics (for free of course!)

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A New Take on Valentine’s Day

valentineYour partner is not into it? You don’t have a partner – (and you’re not looking either)? So what?$#!! This is a day to smell the flowers, to even eat a little bit of dark chocolate … and to write a ditty just for the heck of it.  So you wrote it in a card and sent it to yourself? Good on you! If you’re not the ditty-writing type, here’s one of mine you are welcome to croon out to the night air, send to a lusciously desired love or, more realistically, to read to your partner snoring in the chair …

I’m planning to read it during my set at Lily’s Ranch House on Valentine’s day – it’s a great place to enjoy being real, so they won’t mind. The music is  fun whatever comes, and the atmosphere makes you not want to go. Peter Leith and friends sing and play, and Baby Boomer Girl is strutting her stuff there quite often on a Friday night too: Lily’s Ranch House, 137 Fairfield Road, Levin, Tel: 06 3670251

You’ve got a couple of days to write a love poem or song, and we would love to read it. Post your masterpiece via the ‘Comments’ facility below – and wait for the accolades, and maybe some romance, to pour in!

A Chocolate Rose

Tis said St Valentine fervently prayed
To serve a world divinely made
His deepest prayers to the almighty
Were also heard by Aphrodite
So he was blessed from high above with
A double dose of divine love!

What to do with the overflow?
So much love and nowhere to go!
(No planes or cars on air or street;
He only had two sandalled feet)
Luckily Cupid rescued the fellow
Providing wings and a bow and arrow

Now every year around Beltane
The forces of love conspire to inflame
Each heart to soar and seek a mate
And you, my love, I ask to take
Will you be my Valentine
To share with me the love divine?

Would you I pledge my life this day?
Or rather you fancy an evening’s play?
(For love is love whether lofty or sporty
Long live God and Aphrodite!)
My love! To sport in tryst with you – Yes!
To St Val – a chocolate rose or two!


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A New Woman on the Honours List

Aunty-Phylis No. It’s not me. But I do know her: she inspired this new song I completed on New Year’s Eve. It might be you! I first wrote this song in 1979, so she was around then … If you want to get an idea of what she looks like, download the song lyric sheet under this article.

Meanwhile, we all want to know what woman YOU are nominating for our new Honours award, The Honey & the Star - no doubt you have several in mind. Write their names below via the ‘comments’ section, and tell us a little about those special women – we can’t wait to read about them!

The Honey & the Star

Do ya wanna hear a picture of a walking inspiration?
She’s an open invitation to a heart that needs to love
She makes you sing and smile. She’s a honey, free and wild
She’s the warmest lady, aunty, grandma, mother, loyal friend

She’s all around the country – her home is everywhere
She has a place for everyone. Everyone has a place for her
She wraps her arms around you, you never want to leave
As her laughter is so relaxed and life is a breeze

Yes, lovely lady, I’m talking about you
Singing your praises – the country should too
They never will, so here’s a medal – shows how wonderful you are
In our honours list you’ve won The Honey & The Star

You may not have a classy style – you’re sort of ‘universal’, and
I know when you’re around because I feel you everywhere
Friends, I cannot put my finger on what it is about her
It’s a privilege to know her – it’s a buzz to have her near
Yes, lovely lady …

You have so much to teach me that I cannot find in writing
And I feel you are inviting me to a yummy afternoon tea
You’re clear & quite uncluttered – though your list is overflowing
That reminds me, time is going. It’s another new year’s eve

Well if this song is pretty it is just a spark of the beauty
Of this special kind of woman and the warmth her heart abounds
Her love will shine forever. Take a moment to remember
To express a little thank you – she won’t always be around

The Honey & the Star - Free Download Song Lyrics


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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Deep_&_Meaningluls You might recall that old song. I happily boomed it out in full voice years ago at family sing-alongs. The words didn’t mean a thing way back then. I didn’t have a clue what is was like to break up. Innocent me.

The recording rattled out on the radio the other day, and for the first time I actually thought about those quaint old lyrics and the painful break-ups we experience along love’s way. The message stood out in contrast to this special time of the year when life is bustling and family and friends are planning happy get-togethers. What if you can’t get together with the one you love?  You recently broke up. It’s hard to be all merry and cheery when Santa and baby Jesus’ time of joy is being trumpeted at full volume and everyone is smiling and opening presents. My heart is going out to you, big time, right now, and I wrote you a song.  I hope it will be a small gift with it’s own message of hope to help you through.

Many of us know what parting is like – it isn’t easy. If, like me nowadays, you are happy and you know it, you’re likely to know someone who is not.  If you think this new ‘breaking up is hard to do’ song will touch their hearts and help them through, then please send them a link to this page. We are all connected. I love you.

More Love

Two hearts beating as one – that’s how it seemed to be
Suddenly you’re breaking up. It’s hard, and it’s hard to believe
You thought alike, or so you thought, then a rift began to show
Now you’re drifting poles apart
From a love you find you don’t know

How do you sing your own song? How can you cross the sea?
When do you give up hope of how good it could be?
Letting go is hard, I know, when you can’t make another start
You gave your all, but still tears fall
From so much love in your heart

You got more love, much more love to give
You got more life, much more life to live
But now is a time to believe in your self, through the grieving
You got much more love tomorrow to receive
More love to receive

In times gone by you found a mate and gave yourself away
Your heart could break only once
And if it did, it was destined to stay that way
But these days life is kinder – we deserve to find love again
You would say to me, I know
So I say, beautiful friend

You got more love, much more love to give
You got more life, much more life to live
But now is a time to believe in your self through the grieving
You got much more love tomorrow to receive
Hang on in there, and you’ll move on to receive
More love, more love

© 2012 Radha Sahar

More Love – free download lyrics


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